A Smarter Approach
To Save On Energy Bills

Upgrade your home with award-winning technologies, using government incentives to help pay for them.

Reduce energy bills
by up to 40%

Spend Nothing

Get Predictable &
Reliable Monthly Payments

Receive 26%
Government Tax Credit

Clean Energy Can Earn You $108/month

Homeowners can go solar and save on average $26,000 in electricity costs over the next 20 years

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Smartify Your Home & Sell It For 17% More

NREL (National Renewable Energy Lab) studies show that when you upgrade your home with smart technology, it sells 20% faster and for 17% more.

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Find Grants To Smartify Your Home

There is currently over $75,000 in grants and incentives to help you make your home smarter, cleaner and greener.

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Get A FREE 30 Min Energy Consultation

How much can I save on energy? What will my new price for energy be? How much will it cost? Let’s get you the answers you need now. 

6 Steps To
Eliminate Your Energy Bills and
Avoid Rising Costs

1. Free Consultation
Talk to a pro about your energy wants and needs. 

2. Approvals & Signatures
Implement creative financial solutions to future proof energy costs with government tax credits

3. Home Site Survey
Schedule an assessment of your home and create an accurate design for your energy needs. 

4. Project Management
Draft a unique plan and submit it to your city government for approval

5. Installation
Once approved, have a certified installer upgrade  your home, one smart technology at a time.

6. Save Money on Energy
Welcome to a cleaner, more comfortable home with a lower carbon footprint.

It’s time to future-proof our Energy Costs


What our Clients Have To Say

Enjoy saving money, a lower carbon footprint and peace-of-mind knowing that we will be there for you today, tomorrow and into the future.


"Having a passive sources of income and every month is very attractive."

Pat & Raymond

“I wanted to help the environment and reduce my carbon footprint”


“There are a lot of reasons to go solar, financial is just one of them.”

Tina & Louise

“It’s going to help on the bills because it keeps going up.”


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