Smart Buildings,
Smarter Savings.

Mitigate rising energy and operational costs with the smartest technologies in our country

Save up to
40% on Energy

Save up to
20% on Water

$0 No-Upfront

Transparent Pricing
$0 Hidden Fees

Get Government Help To Finance Your Project

Smart Water Valves Save 10% - 30%

Using science to reduce your metered water consumption.

A flow management valve leverages the principles of fluid dynamics, it helps prevent air and turbulence from passing through your water meter.

Use The Sun & Avoid Rising Energy Costs

Tired of paying for rising electricity costs? Today, the government will help your building go solar and cover up to 100% of the upfront costs, so you can transform the rays-on-your-roof into cash-in-your-pocket.

Energy Optimization

Correct Your Power Factor & Save 22% or More

Proudly Servicing
All Brands & Models

smartscrub Restoration

Restore Your HVAC & Delay CAPEX Costs

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