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Clean Energy Solutions For You and The Planet.


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Automate Your Home With Smart IoT Solutions.

Air & Water

Drink Clean Water and Breathe Fresh Pure Air.

Why Smartify Your Home?

Future-Proofing Your Energy Bills

Clean Energy
Can Earn You $108/month

A homeowner can save more than $26,000 in electricity costs by going solar over the next 20 years.

Winter Is Here — Don't Pay For Home Comfort

NO monthly payments & interest for 18 months on a select furnace*

Now until the end of this year, when you buy a select furnace, make no monthly payments & pay no interest*

*This promotion is only available in select areas when purchasing an American standard furnace. Financing is OAC. Customers must pay an upfront search/filing fee of $49 when financing. Financing example: The select furnace regular price is $4,999.99. With zero down payment, the monthly payment at 9.9% APR with a 144 month amortization is $60.00 excluding applicable taxes. Conditions apply. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Contact us for details.
Upfront Costs
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Automation, Security & Comfort

Is Your Home Smart Enough?

Get real-time information on everything from lighting to who’s at the door — anywhere, anytime.


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Smoke Alarm


Garage Door


Cleaner Air Solutions

Breathe Smarter. Not Harder.

Improve the air you breathe and decrease airborne pollutants. Designed for easy integration with all heating and cooling systems to purify and protect your family from allergens, bacteria, dust and mold.

HEPA Air Filtration System

Starting from $1,999

  • Designed for particulate, bioburden and VOC removal.
  • Offers perfect stage 3 seal filtration, which is the technology used in surgical rooms.

UV Air
Purify System

Starting from $1,435

  • Short-wave UV Light effectively sterilizes the air and "deactivates" pathogens that pass through it.
  • UV systems have been tested and achieve up to a *99.999996% reduction in microorganisms.

HVAC & Air Duct Cleaning

Starting from $445

  • Ducts are a collection source for dirt, dust, mould, pollen and pet dander and can aggravate allergies.
  • "Dirty" ducts can also cause your systems to not work efficiently, which could cause more energy use to heat and cool your home.

Heat Recovery Ventilator

Starting from $2,250

  • Provide fresh air while exhausting an equal amount of stale air, and transfer a percentage of the heat from the stale air to the fresh air.

Energy Recovery Ventilator

Starting from $2,250

  • Control moisture levels in your home by keeping excess moisture out in hotter months and retaining moisture in the home during the drier winter months.

SmartScrub Restoration

Starting from $649

  • Probiotically clean your heating and cooling systems to perform like new by removing harmful pathogens found deep inside the HVAC coils.

6 Easy Steps To
Avoid Rising Energy Costs

1. Free Consultation
Talk to a pro about your energy wants and needs.

2. Approvals & Signatures
Implement creative financial solutions to future proof energy costs with government tax credits.

3. Home Site Survey
Schedule an assessment of your home and create an accurate design for your energy needs.

4. Project Management
Draft a unique plan and submit it to your city government for approval.

5. Installation
Once approved, have a certified installer upgrade your home, one smart technology at a time.

6. Save Money on Energy
Welcome to a cleaner, more comfortable home with a lower carbon footprint.

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